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Tuesday, June 26, 2007
My thoughts on...drinking
We've all done it, at one time or another. From imbibing to getting totally wasted, whichever end of the spectrum we frequent, we've all consumed some alcohol. And no, drinking Mom's sorrel doesn't count. I'm talking about liquor. Personally I find myself on the lower end. I hold a sort of hatred towards alcohol. It was developed over years of seeing drunken old men at the local bar, slurring, urinating on themselves and making brazen remarks about the barmaids. This blatant lack of self control made me promise myself that I would never overindulge in any strong brew. Threats by my friends to spike my drinks whenever I came to one of their parties didn't help much either.

Now, in college, many of the major sessions my fellow students attend are sponsored by Appleton, and always feature some kind of malt liquor like Smirnoff Black Ice. This reminds me of a documentary, or a news special. I forget which. Anyway, it spoke of Big Alcohol using these sweet and colourful malt beverages as a gateway to alcoholism. I never saw it again after that. Guess some alcohol exec had it killed. And guess what? Their plan worked like a charm! Every party you go now has to have hard liquor present. It's almost as if socialization cannot take place without the presence of alcohol. And with the "drink responsibly" campaign, alcohol seems to have been declawed in the eyes of the youth.

I was part of a crew serving refreshments during a recent campus event, and a guy asked if we had alcohol. I said no, we only have soft drinks and water. the guy looked at me as if I was offering him something from the toilet. Yes. It's that's bad! So being a pawn of the alcohol execs: not for me! But I have lighten on my stance over the years, as in all things, even alcohol, it all comes down to moderation. My fellow bloggers MadBull and Dr. D knock back a few every once in a while and they don't seem the worse for it. So I still hate alcohol and its cirrhosis-causing, dignity-stealing ways, but if I stay within my limits, I should be okay. That doesn't give me much room, 'cause I'm a lightweight, as those who know my sorrel story will attest.
Posted by Leon @ 2:29 PM
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    @ 5:08 PM
    Hi! Sorry I haven't been around. Work has been very very busy!

    I quit drinking three years ago. I used to be a heavy drinker. I'd go out 3-4 nights a week to get plastered. Alcoholism runs in my family, so I knew if I didn't get a handle on it, I'd up an alcoholic too.

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    Ms. Q
    @ 5:51 PM
    Once you start drinking, you do tend to hang out with drinkers and social events do seem less attractive without alcohol. Weird. I didn't begin drinking until maybe my mid-20s and never all that much.

    But I have noticed that I feel more comfortable drinking with others than than being the only one having an alcoholic beverage. I am sure that it's because I feel that if we're all drinking, we're all on the same wavelength.

    I rarely drink anything other than wine and seldom to excess.

    I have thought the increase in sweet or fruit-infused alcoholic beverages was a way to attract younger drinkers.

    Drinking in moderation is fine. I do find much of the marketing repugnant sells and names like "Black Ice" and all that make drinks sound sophisticated and sexy.

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    @ 7:40 PM
    I've noticed that at least at my school, there seems to be a difference in drinking habits based on undergrad vs grad.

    At every undergrad party I've gone to, alcahol is the main event. People are drinking keg beer, talking about beer, taking shots, drunk, etc. However, at all the grad student parties I've gone to, hanging out, eating food, talking, those are the main events. There is undoubtedly beer and everyone is probably drinking some of it, but the goal is not to get plastered, but to enjoy a nice night with some friends.

    I have noticed the same difference in drinking styles when I go to the bar with 20 year olds vs 30 year olds..

    I think alcahol is a nice thing, but like anything nice, can easily be overused and abused. It's sad when people require it for social interaction. :( I never used to drink much before I turned 21 (too parinoid!). Now I drink more often, but I still never get trashed... Sometimes a little more than tipsy, but I think there have only been two occasions in my life where I've been like "tonight, I am Drinking," and drunk to the point of saying things I regret later. >.<

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    @ 7:41 PM
    drinking is like smoking or like drinking sodas or eating icecream or cheese. When it extra strong drink it slow and allow your self to recover. make sure to always watch youlevel of consiousness because its easy to slip into drunkardnesss and start telling people all your business

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    @ 7:58 PM
    I very seldom drink now....even though there are some of my friends that ridicule me when we hang out..i have been totally plastered twice in my life and i have vowed for that never to happen taste bad....only rum creams and vodka to a lesser extent

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    @ 10:08 PM
    Ya'll read my 8 things about me meme so yknow i've gotten stoned, barfing drunk.. that liquid is the devil. STay away.. or drink no more than you can handle.

    Thing is i knock em back so fast i dont even realize. Last time i went clubbing i think i did 10 bottles of smirnoff ice thank God its not that strong a drink

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    @ 10:43 PM
    I guess it's sort of just like any other drug except very available / not very just kind of have to regulate yourself when it comes to alcohol.

    The guys you knew at the bar apparently...well..either they just aren't very good at regulating or they did what they could to cope with this life and it didn't include much sobriety. :-(

    The marketing thing sounds sad. Reminds me of the big thing with the Joe Camel cigarettes awhile back. :-(

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    @ 11:08 PM
    up here in toronto, those companies are offering to hold a party at your house, if you invite at least 30 friends to attend.

    in high school i used to be a juice pig, but now that i have bills to pay, i cut back a lot.

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    @ 12:26 AM
    I enjoy drinking and it is good to have alcohol at a party as it relaxes the mind. However, everything is good only in moderation. No being wasted for me. I have noticed how much the alcohol companies are supporting the parties.

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    @ 1:07 PM
    I'm a social drinker..white wine, mixed drinks and of course the tropical ones. All in moderation. Nothing like relaxing with a fine glass of spirits.

  • Comment by
    @ 8:14 PM
    Moderation and you will be fine

  • Comment by
    Mad Bull
    @ 5:20 AM
    This thing with a particular company sponsoring a party, I think it has come about due to competition. You see, lots of people tend to drink the same drink all the time. If they drink several kinds of drinks, its the set everytime. Thats what these companies have realised, so they now want to host these parties so that they can lock in young drinkers to their product.
    re liquor being available at all social events since these parties, well, let me tell you, liquor has been available at most social events since man came out of the trees and stopped walking on all fours.

  • Comment by
    @ 3:18 PM
    Everything in moderation....the main point with any thing, is to always remain in control.

    My beef with alchol is how people use it to explain, and excuse their bad behavior...

  • Comment by
    .::[ Mani Karthik ]::.
    @ 10:57 PM
    I agree on all the points you mentioned. It's become a "style statement" with college goers here in India. It's a totally different story here - but it's come up more like the US. Both good and bad.


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